Dark Fiber Network

Nimble Networks, Superior Service

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of connectivity with DF&I dark fiber infrastructure.

We unlock the possibilities of communication through our brand new, high quality dark fiber networks. Embrace the future of high-diversity, low-latency connectivity as we invite you to join one of our several dark fiber network routes, on-net with the best of today’s data centers.

At DF&I, we pride ourselves on building more than just infrastructure — we cultivate a community of innovators, businesses, and individuals who understand the transformative power of unlimited bandwidth.


Whether you need a connection for a single week or twenty years, DF&I understands that each application and network utilization cycle is different. You need a vendor whose creativity does not stop at the solution design phase. DF&I knows this and is here to help, whether you need a single pair of fibers or 432 pairs.


Yesterday’s networks were not constructed to support today’s capacity demands. DF&I’s high-capacity, purpose-built dark fiber internet provides your company with the runway to grow and the peace of mind that your business can effectively scale with demand.


DF&I’s dark fiber services will allow you to future-proof your network with a cost-effective solution. Take advantage of shared network costs within a multi-user system or operate a dedicated dark fiber network. DF&I’s strategic network location will allow you to connect your business to where it needs to be without the undue expenses of contracting with other providers and lit transport.

Your Champion For Dark Fiber Solutions

0 aerial plant

6 - 1.5” HDPE Conduits

10+ on-net data centers

12 – 24 count conduit networks

30+ cross-campus connects

864 count ultra-low latency fiber optic cable

100+ route miles

100,000+ fiber miles

Contract It Your Way

DF&I’s dark fiber connectivity is built to solve specific problems and gaps in existing dark fiber connections, resulting in the fewest splices of any network. With DF&I, all configurations are available, from a single fiber pair up to dedicated multi-conduit systems with dedicated manholes.

And, all ownership options are available, including purchase agreements, lease, and IRU. Explore the endless opportunities that await as we illuminate the path to a faster, more connected tomorrow. At DF&I, the future is dark, and it’s brighter than ever.

Check Out DF&I Dark Fiber Networks In Action