Dark Fiber Connectivity

Discover the Power of Unlit Cable.

Dark Fiber Cable

Whether long haul, metro, last mile, or backhaul, a dark fiber network serves as a strong support pillar for any present and future connectivity demands.


As the demand for data continues to surge and connectivity requirements change, dark fiber creates the opportunity to accommodate higher bandwidth and data transmission speeds without changes to core infrastructure. Your bandwidth and speed potential is limited only by your optical equipment, transmission technology, and quality of fiber optic cables.


With DF&I as your dark fiber provider, you can customize your network’s capacity, speed, and latency to optimize it for any applications. Looking to run internet protocol (IP), multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), ethernet, or even multiplexing? By connecting the right hardware you can adjust your network however you want it.

Low Latency

Dark fiber is spliced end-to-end without any routers, switches, amplifiers, repeaters, and any other equipment, stops, or nodes. With a direct pathway, your data travels smoothly and quickly with no delays or interruptions.

Dark Fiber Cable Types

Traditional or next generation dark fiber services each have their own unique advantages and situations.

Low Count Fiber Pairs

High Count Fiber Pairs

Space Efficiency

Occupies less room


Higher capacity

Cost Effectiveness

Less expensive to install and maintain


Reduced latency

Streamlined Operations

Less complexity, easier management


Better quality for customers

Specialized Applications

Some use cases require fewer connections

New Technology

Supports emerging use cases

Dedicated Conduit

Dedicated conduit is your own private channel, to be used for network cables, fiber optics, or whatever communication lines are required.


Safeguard your data with increased network integrity through dedicated conduit. Use separate manholes, hand holes, and access points, whether to achieve compliance requirements or simply peace of mind.


Ensure high availability and uninterrupted operations. Dedicated conduit creates the opportunity for built-in redundancy, enabling multiple paths within the same route.

Ease of Use

Because you’re not sharing a pathway, all cable management and troubleshooting is more straightforward and effective. Tracking and documentation is simpler and more organized.

DF&I is the country’s premier dark fiber and conduit creator by supplying the top-notch connectivity you need, and the trustworthy relationships you want. Reach out now to learn more about what DF&I can do for you.