DF&I Celebrates Successful Partnership with DataBridge Sites

ASHBURN, VA — August 1, 2023 — Dark Fiber and Infrastructure (DF&I), a leading developer, owner and operator of high-capacity dark fiber and conduit networks, today announced that it has continued to advance its partnership with DataBridge Sites, a state-of-the-art data center provider that supports off-site business critical IT environments. DataBridge Sites earlier announced that it had added its Maryland facility on-net to DF&I’s Express Connect network.

DF&I’s network features a proprietary under-river crossing from Maryland to Ashburn, Virginia, ensuring the most direct route that results in substantially lower latency for critical data. Express Connect’s direct route traverses the Potomac River, avoiding the congested data routes in Washington D.C. to provide DataBridge Sites’ customers with the fastest access to Ashburn from Maryland. “With the Express Connect network, DataBridge Sites can offer the quickest, highest performing route, due to the path being the shortest and most direct,” explained DataBridge Sites chief executive officer Jim Weller.

The exclusive river crossing route isn’t the only advantage to DataBridge Sites’ customers, who also benefit from on-net access via DF&I’s dark fiber route because they have direct fiber interconnection to other data center facilities, carriers, and clouds on the Virginia-Maryland pathway. “The Express Connect network offers many great cross-connects to our clients, as it’s on-net to the most relevant data centers across the region,” said DF&I’s co-founder and chief revenue officer John Schmitt. “DF&I’s Express Connect network not only covers Ashburn, but also ties in with other major networks and peering points in Maryland and northern Virginia.”

Since the deal was originally announced nearly two years ago, the partnership has seen significant success. Carriers continue rolling backbone traffic onto the express as their new primary route into Ashburn, but also for direct underground connections north and east of the facility. “The feedback from our customers has been excellent, and we’re proud to be able to offer this huge benefit,” said Weller. “We’re looking forward to more great years ahead through our partnership with DF&I.”


About DF&I
Dark Fiber and Infrastructure, LLC (DF&I) is a premier provider of conduit, fiber cable, shared cable fiber, and related services. DF&I custom-builds topnotch fiber networks across North America and we own and operate the highest capacity, lowest latency network pathway for peering, interconnection, and access among the most relevant data centers from Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley to Baltimore, Maryland. For more information, please visit www.darkfiberinfra.com or email [email protected].

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About DataBridge Sites
DataBridge Sites operates highly secure data centers in the Baltimore/Washington and Chicago metro areas and provides custom cloud services nationwide. Our Maryland facility is the largest, most secure site in the state, centrally located in Silver Spring a few miles from the DC line. This is a unique purpose-built financial-grade, Tier 4, location with 90,000 square feet of data room floor. Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-size organizations. Each site offers colocation, private cloud and disaster recovery services to help clients with their IT infrastructure needs. Please contact [email protected] to learn more.

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