Express Connect Fiber Network

Need network access in the Mid-Atlantic?

As a dark fiber network provider, developers, owner, and operator, DF&I holds the keys to your connectivity future.

Data Center Alley: the world’s largest concentration of underground fiber optic networking cable and conduit in the most critical market on the planet. We serve as operator for the fastest, low latency open access infrastructure system in Northern Virginia and Maryland — exclusively focused on delivering all-new, all-underground dark fiber network and conduit infrastructure. For anyone seeking greater access to and between major peering points and data centers in and around the Northern Virginia and Maryland marketplaces, custom flexible offerings, rapid delivery, and full control over their networks, DF&I’s multi-user Express Connect network is the answer. It’s your conduit to the world’s tech corridor.

Virginia Connectivity with
Veteran Capabilities

On Net Data Centers

DF&I is on-net to the most relevant data centers in Northern Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.

Brand New Fiber Network

Our dark fiber system is the newest network in the area, and the highest quality dark fiber network solution available.

High Capacity

DF&I has the most dedicated dark fiber cable capacity in the region, providing more than 40,000 strands between Maryland and Virginia, and more than 70,000 strands in our Northern Virginia networks.

High Quality Connectivity

DF&I’s Express Connect dark fiber optic network offers the fewest occlusions and obstructions, making it the fastest in the region.

All Underground

The Express Connect fiber network is 100% underground, even under rivers.

High Diversity & Low Latency

DF&I offers the most diverse, lowest latency route from Northern Virginia to Baltimore.

Pick Your Stop

DF&I’s Express Connect dark fiber network offers flexibility to create stops quickly and easily

Build custom lateral to customer location

Create a new access point and splice custom lateral to customer location

Cross connect in an existing data center

Tie in at an existing splice location

Ashburn Access Authorities

With connections to nearly all substantial data center campuses and multiple available conduits on the Ashburn loop, DF&I can deliver fiber network solutions connectivity to just about anywhere within the Ashburn ecosystem.

The Direct Maryland-Virginia Dark Fiber Route

With facilities to the key interconnection points and multiple available conduits, this low-latency, 100% underground network connects Maryland to Ashburn with our BWI Express underwater crossing. It’s the shortest and most direct route into the Ashburn fiber connectivity market from Maryland.

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