Data transmission continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Technology needs and connectivity requirements are constantly evolving. Our solutions enable your ability to navigate and innovate in an everchanging environment.

Dark Fiber


Whether you need a connection for a single week or twenty years, DF&I understands that each application and network utilization cycle is different. You need a vendor whose creativity does not stop at the solution design phase. DF&I knows this and is here to help if you need a single pair of fibers or 432 pairs.  Contract it your way.


Yesterday’s networks were not constructed to support today’s capacity demands. DF&I’s high-capacity, purpose-built network provides your company with runway to grow and the peace of mind that your business can effectively scale with demand.


DF&I’s dark fiber offerings will allow you to future proof your network with a cost-effective solution. Take advantage of shared network costs with a within a multi-user system or operate a dedicated network. DF&I’s strategic network location will allow you to connect your business to where it needs to be without the undue expenses of contracting with other providers and lit transport.

Private Conduit​


Business cases are rapidly evolving and your network needs may require an owned or leased conduit system. There is no better way to future-proof your network than through dedicated conduit which allows you to grow beyond your expectations.


DF&I is able to provide private conduit to customers who require “non-shared” networks with separable manholes, hand holes and access points when physically possible.


Private conduit gives you increased control over your network. Customers have access to manholes and hand holes, as well as the option to control splicing, record keeping and cable management. DF&I will monitor the system and maintain the conduit, but you have complete control of your individual cable.

Turnkey Networks​


Nobody knows your business better than you do. Our turnkey customers know what they want and require a personalized solution – not one that fits the needs of their network service provider.  Let DF&I work with you to deliver the precise configuration you are looking for and together, we can do something special.